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​Holly (Dewbury's Juicy Bits)

Miss Holly now

Miss Holly as a Puppy

Mr. Canto

Mr. Canto

Miss Holly is my third generation Dewbury Girl, being that Miss Skandi is her mom, Angel her grandmother, and Connor her grandfather. 

Holly's full name is Dewbury's Juicy Bits CGC, and her EXCEPTIONAL pedigree can be viewed on K9DATA,

Miss Holly has taken after her mother, and has an ever present smile upon her face at all times. I truly do not think she has ever had a bad day in her life!!

Holly lives with my daughter & her husband in the neighboring city, Hurricane, where she is the only child in the family, and thus SUPER spoiled!!!

Holly is out of a large litter of 12 puppies, and it was quickly evident that we simply HAD TO keep this special girl in our program, as not only was she SUPER beautiful and sweet, but my daughter & her husband had fallen head over heel with her!!! So......I gave her to them at Kayden's birthday......Probably the best present he's ever had!!!

​Miss Holly LOOOOOOOOOOVES to go places and to drive in the car!! Her favorite phrase is "Do you wanna go to Grandmas", and she responds with utter excitement, as she knows that grandma always dotes on her and she gets to play with all of my dogs.....She is especially fond of Mr. Canto, they can wrestle for a VERY long time!!! What she doesn't know is that when Mr. Canto gets all of his passing health clearences at 2 years old, Canto will also be the father of her babies! (God's willing?)

Holly is like her mother Skandi, SUPER treat motivated, and thus VERY easy to train. And when she was 19 months old she earned her Canine Good Citizenship. Since Holly's humans work full time jobs, and I am a stay home mom (to dogs), I had a blast working with Miss Holly as we went everywhere together. 

Miss Holly literally loves everyone she meets, including other canines & animals, she has a zest for life that only a Golden Retriever can have!!!

Holly is within breed standard and weighs approx. 60 lbs. 

In February 2022, we drove down to our WONDERFUL Radiologist, Dr. Debra Cohen in California and had her final X-Rays of her Hips & Elbows done, and what do you know, Holly was awarded EXCELLENT hips from the OFA panel, for which we are SOOOO grateful!!! Her Elbows came back Normal, and her Heart  (Echocardiogram) & Eyes are Clear as well. Holly's Genetic panel is CLEAR ON ALL things, so we feel a lot of gratitude to God for granting us such a perfect girl!