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The Dewbury Dream Goldens is a happy & harmonious family of 2 people who lives on 1 acre in a small town called Apple Valley. We are only 20 miles South/West of Zion National Park & 100 miles North/West of the Grand Canyon. We live right next to BLM land, on which we do extensive training with our dogs + we have an abundance of hiking trails scattered all around Southern Utah, of which we explore with our dogs daily.

We believe that in order for a dogs mind to be happy & well adjusted, it must go out and about and explore its surroundings. (At least the ones that are safe to explore!) After all, Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercise and loves to explore.
We live by 2 large reservoirs & a river in which we frequently let the dogs go swimming in... If there are no harmful algae!
Our dogs are taken to the nearby school so they learn how to appropriately behave around little children as well.

Since our dogs lives inside our home, they are potty trained & taught to not chew on our belongings, or to bark without a good reason. And because Britta is a stay-at-home Mother, she can monitor & train our dogs daily. Another perk to having Mom at home every day, is that our dogs seldom gets left at home alone for extended periods of time.

Ever since Britta was 16 years old, she has dreamed of raising service or show dogs, but it was not until her youngest daughter was 13 that she felt that she had the necessary time to devote to this dream. And once the decision was made to pursue this dream, hundreds of hours of research was put into finding the right breed, with the right pedigree, health scores & temperament….Not an easy task!
After several months of research for that perfect dog, we acquired our first show quality puppy….”Angel”, Moonlit Acres First Fancy Dewbury, from an exceptional breeder, Dana Logan, in Vancouver, Washington.

And after training “Angel” for a couple of months, we were ready for our first show in Tucson, Arizona. And what do you know….”Angel” earned her first International & National Puppy Championship as only 4 month old that weekend! She was seen by 5 judges/5 rings, and got perfect scores by all judges, and she even earned a BOB (Best of Breed) that weekend as well!!!
Since then, she has been shown as an adult in 20 rings/20 judges, and has gotten scores so high that she now also has also earned her Adult International & National Championship…..Angel has a total of 10 National & Internationals Championship Titles, and currently holds the highly esteemed title of “World Beauty Champion”….Not many dogs in America can claim that title!

Our next goal was to purchase a Stud Dog that would be compatible to “Angel”, with an equally impressive pedigree, health scores, temperament, & confirmation, and after several months of extensive research, I found a reputable breeder, Vagn & Annette Donskov, in the little kingdom of Denmark who had a stud who met our picky requirements. And in October of 2014, Britta flew to Denmark to pick up “Connor”, GoldenFocus It’s Obvious, and brought him home to Southern Utah.

It is quite the honor to introduce this AMAZING pedigree to America, as it is indeed very sought after in Europe as well. After all….Both the Majik & Jako's kennels have proven to produce some of the finest dogs in the world, winning MANY titles & awards. So for The Dewbury Kennel to have this TRULY AMAZING boy, gives us GREAT pleasure!

“Connor” has now been shown in the IABCA show rings 10 times, and he, like “Angel”, he got perfect scores from the 17 different judges, and thus earned his Adult International & National Championship, and his “Honor’s Championship”…..A total of 5 Championship Titles!

"Connor" is also a Certified Therapy Dog with ITA, and it is seriously his FAVORITE thing to go snuggle at the Universities & Rest homes!!! He just can't seem to get enough snuggles!! (His favorite song is "All You Need Is Love, by Beatles!!!) :)

“Connor's final Hip scores are 90% PennHip, Good OFA hips, Normal Elbows and his heart & eyes are CLEAR. Connor is also Ichthyosis, NCL, & PRA 1 & 2-FREE!!......A PERFECT HEALTH SCORE!!!

We kept a puppy from the second litter of "Angel" & "Connor", because she was such a delightful girl + we wanted to see what we produce. This puppy is "Skandi" and she has turned out to be everything we could want in our lines + more! 

The read-up on her is on the page "Our Fur-Babies, under her name.

We feed our dogs the highest quality dog food, such as Zignarure, Dr. Hills, Dr. Gary's Best Breed & other 4-5 star foods, as well as raw food from time to time. They are also given daily supplements, such as NuVet Plus, NuJoint Plus, Coconut Oil, as we believe that this daily “health-regime” helps our dogs to achieve good health & longevity as well as a lovely coat.
We also pay special attention to their dental hygiene. We brush their teeth twice a week, and they have dental sticks & Bufffalo Bones to chew on as well. 
Newport Beach Veterinarian, South Mountain Pet Care, & Deseret Vet, are on board with all their yearly shots and any other medical needs that may occur, as well as all OFA health testing & Breeding.....We truly have some of the best in the country!

Dewbury Dream Golden is proud to say that we raise our puppies by the "Puppy Culture Method", and we test them with the "Volhard Testing Method"

We are also a proud member of the Golden Retriever Club of America, AKC Breed With Heart, & The Better Business Bureau

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