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"Miss. Abigail" Dewbury's Dream of Shardanell CGC is our youngest Dewbury lady. She was born the 24th of July, 2020, and has passed all of her health clearances in flying colors!! She is blessed with Good hips, Normal Elbows, Clear Heart, (Echocardiogram), Clear Eyes, and Clear on everything genetically, except Icthyosis, of which she is a Carrier. For that reason, we will only breed her to a Clear male, in our quest to eliminate this annoying genetic trait from our beautiful Goldens. 

Abigil has earned her Canine Good Citizens Award, which is a must for all of my dogs, as this not only shows that Dewbury Dogs have a good mind, but also that they are connected to their owners whom are willing to work with them. 

Abigail is my third generation Dewbury Dog, and is the Daughter of my lovely Miss. Skandi & the handsome Mr. Xander. Her pedigree are truly one of the best in the world, witch is LOADED with Conformation Champions from her ancestors in Europe, and with GREAT health scores MANY generations back. (One must always look at what is "Behind the dog" in order to determine the quality of the dog.) Here is her K9DATA link for you to see exactly great of a quality is behind this girl.

Abigail is within breed standard, and weighs in at 59 lbs, she has a lovely coat, and an ever preset smile on her darling face. 

Abigail is a very happy girl, and just like all other Dewbury dogs, she LOVES to snuggle! Being only four years old, she still has plenty of playfulness in her, yet she also has that wonderful On/Off switch which our Dewbury dogs are known for......Meaning she'll go on play mode and frolick as most Goldens do, but when it is time to settle down, she also does that really well. 

Abigail loves to hike in the Southern Utah hills with her mom, Janice, which is one of my best friends and whom has opened her home & heart to Abigail, so she can get LOTS of daily attention and love.  

She is a typical Golden and loves everyone which she comes in contact with, humans as well a other animals. 

Abigail had her first litter in the middle of October, 2022, and she had 5 beautiful puppies, which are not only beautiful, but also VERY smart!. We are expecting those puppies to grow up to be as AMAZING as their parents, and they will be raised by Britta, using the Puppy Culture Method, and will be socialized, desensitized, and trained EVERY DAY in our home, as to create the fourth generation of well adjusted Dewbury puppies. 

Abigail will be bred in 2024 with our own stud, Sir Eddie.....IF his final health scores are as great as his preliminary scores.  

I will be looking for a Guardian home for a female for this litter. If you live within 5 hours drive of Southern Utah, and would like a discounted girl, kindly give me a call. 435-668-6149

‚ÄčAbigail (Dewbury's Dream of Shardanell)