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"Connor" GoldenFocus It's Obvious CGC is no longer standing stud, due to old age.

Because Connor is imported directly from Europe, he offers a FANTASTIC diversity to the American breeding pool. His gene-pool has names such as: C.I.E.-SEU(U)CH-DKCH(U)-NORDUCH-NUCH-EECH-LVCH Majik Zero To Hero, Eng.Sh Ch Shardanell Talk O' The Town at Ipcress, C.I.E, LTU&SWE(show)CH,FIN JW-01&FIN W-07,VetWW`10 Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme, V-WW'98, MultCh, DUCH, NUCH, VDHCH Blakesley Cromwell NV-95 NV-96 NORDV-97, just to mention a few of his OUTSTANDING ancestors. And of course the fact that he has PERFECT health scores means that he will improve any puppy's gene-pool. 

Connor's temperament is PHENOMONAL!! He is EXTREAMLY cuddly, and for that reason, I got him certified as a Therapy Dog with ITA in 2016, and he LOOOOOOVES that job!!

Connor loves EVERYONE, men, women, children, and all sorts of animals, and I rarely see him afraid of anything......He is Mr. Chill indeed!

Almost everyone which enters into my house, says upon leaving, "Can I take Conner with me?, he is EXACTLY that I want in a dog." But of course Mr. Connor stays with us till the day he goes home to Jesus.

Connor has sired  223 VERY healthy, sweet, & good looking puppies, of which several of them have gotten Excellent hips. To our knowledge, we have not had any major genetic health problems with any of his puppies, for which we are grateful!  

Many of Connor's offspring, even grandpuppies, and great grandpuppies, are proven to have a sweet & bidding temperament. 

Some of the pictures of those puppies can be seen on our puppy page. Connor is a GREAT dad, Granddad, and Great Granddad,  who doesn't display any aggression to any of the puppies, and so far most of the male puppies has been blessed with his BEAUTIFUL broad head & all of them has their father's GREAT stride & mellow temperament. 

The majority of Connor's puppies turns out to be WONDERFUL Service Dogs & Therapy Dog, thanks to his mellow temperament.

Here are Connor's K9DATA link: