Puppy Questionnaire/Application

We do require all potential puppy buyers to fill out our “Puppy Questionnaire” sheet so we can get to know you better, and thus match up our precious puppies with the right human family.
But before you fill this out, please read through our FAQ page, so you understand our terms.
We ARE picky with who we let our dogs live with, as our top priority is to hopefully ensure our puppies a safe & loving forever home.

 1. Full Name and age:
(Please put names of the additional adults who will be in the household.)

 Street Address:
P. O. address: (If any)
Postal Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:

 2. Which gender puppy do you desire to have?                         

 3. Where will the puppy’s living quarters be?   

 4. What kind of exercise do you plan on providing your puppy?

 5. Who is your vet? (Name, address, & phone #)

6. Who will take care of your pup while you are at work or on vacation? 

7. What will the puppy's job be? (Service, Therapy, Companion, Show, Field, Breeding, Pet or other?)

8. What other pets do you in the home? 

9. Do you have small children....What are their ages? 

10. Do you have a swimming pool? Is it enclosed? 

 11.  Will you agree to not having any Dewbury dogs in small cages/areas all day long, and to not have them confined to an outside area all day & night, nor to have a “Puppy-Mill”?

 12. Will you agree to NEVER surrender your dog/puppy to a dog rescue, animal shelter, or dog store? Or to your family, friends or strangers without Dewbury kennel’s approval. 

13. Will you give us 2, unrelated, references for me to check in with to confirm that you are indeed a great pet owner? (Texting preferred)

14. Do you agree to NOT BREED your Dewbury Puppy? 

15. Do agree to send DEWBURY pictures & video's of your pup, so we can see how it's progressing & thriving? 

16. Do you agree to enroll your DEWBURY puppy into an official "Puppy Class" as to socialize & train him/her?

17. Have you ever surrendered a puppy back to a breeder, or to a shelter?  

18. Do you have any experience with raising puppies?

19. Are you able & willing to exercise your puppy no less than twice a day, or hire someone who can if you are not able to do so every day? (Under exercised puppies become hyper due to boredom!)

20. Is there anything else that would be helpful for us to know?


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