1. What type of health testing do you do?
       Before breeding our dogs we test them for the required OFA clearances....Hips, Elbow, Heart, Eyes, and we also do genetic testing such as PRA 1 & 2, NCL, and Ichthyosi. 

They will all have their CHIC certificate to assure only the highest quality of puppies.

Our goal is to improve upon this lovely breed whenever possible. And if for some unfortunate reason our dogs do not pass the health testing, WE DO NOT BREED THEM!!!

 2. What kind of care to you provide for your puppies?
     Our puppies are born & live inside of our home. They are loved & pampered 24 hours a day. They are not left alone at all the first 14 days & nights, then after that, only for very little time. Their Mother get the highest quality of food, to ensure a very high quality of milk.

We follow the Puppy Culture Method, and start our puppies out on day 3 with Early Neonatal Stimulation. This will not only help them handle stress better in their adult life, as well as actually improve their overall health.

Every day they will be held & snuggled by us so they will grow to love & trust humans. And once they are 1 week old, we will gently trim their nails, so as to prepare them for the bi-monthly nail trimming ritual, as well as take them on small drives in our car to get them used to the movement of cars.  

Their bedding is changed every single day, so they don’t get desensitized to dirty surroundings. This will make it easier for you to potty train them.

At 3 weeks, we start introducing them to strangers. All strangers must of course remove their shoes and wash their hands before touching our puppies. This is the period where they puppies' fear is the least, and thus it is a PERFECT time to introduce them to various people, things, noises, and surfaces. 

The first 4 weeks they are strictly kept inside, as to keep them as safe as possible. But they will not be bored, as we will provide safe toys for them to snuggle & play with, as well as introduce them to at least one new thing to explore every single day as to desensitize them.  After 4 weeks of age, we will start getting them used to bathing & grooming, and they will be introduced to the Puppy-Door which will allow them to go out in our backyard during the daytime.

Our Puppy Yard is fully fenced in and has security cameras all around the premises, and it has safe toys for older puppies, so they can get used to walking on moving surfaces, tunnels, puppy slides & such. Each puppy will be introduces to a lead, and to a crate & will also be taken on several car rides before they are ready to leave our loving arms.

I will NOT let the puppies go any earlier than the 8th week, and only IF they do not show any signs of a fear period. 

3. How does you reservation list work?
     We will reserve 4 puppies per sex per litter once the bitch has had all her clearances, and we will breed the following heat, following her 2nd. Birthday. 

If there are more than 4 puppies of one sex, and not enough of the other, those who are flexible about the sex will have an opportunity for those puppies.  

A $ 500 deposit + a signed contract is required to reserve your puppy. 

 4. Do you breed your dogs back to back, or skip seasons?
      For the most part we do believe that back to back breeding is to prefer. Current Science is now proving that it is better to breed back to back than to skip seasons and then continue to breed girls when they are older. But this kind of decision is made on a case by case basis by our Vet.

 5. Do you ship a puppy?
      We prefer you pick up the puppy, but in rare cases, we do allow a puppy to fly by themselves….IF the puppy’s temperament will allow it.
Not all puppies will be able to handle the flight alone, so the decision to fly a puppy alone will be made AFTER we have temperament tested the puppies, and then ONLY the ones that have a “courageous temperament” will be allowed to fly alone.
But we do prefer you to come to Utah and pick her/him up…..And while you’re here, come hike our AMAZING sites at Zion, Snow Canyon, Bryce, & Grand Canyon National Parks….It should be on your “Bucket List anyway!” And I have a spare bedroom you can sleep in while you are here.

 6. What are you requirements to get a Dewbury Puppy?
      Our precious puppies will only go to homes where they will be given the best of care, and where they will receive a lot of love and attention on a daily basis. We will not place them in homes where they will be alone most of the day, or where they don't receive daily training,  and we do have quite a few requirements in our contract with regard to health.

If you are looking for a backyard pet, Dewbury Dream Goldens is NOT the breeder for you!

 7. Which kind of food should I feed my puppy?
      At Dewbury Dream Goldens, we only feed our dogs 4 star or above foods. Our preferred food is Dr. Gary's Best Breed, or Victor.
We feed our puppies, puppy food until the age of 5-6 months, and then we switch over to adult food.  Each dog is different, so you must pay attention to what works best for your puppy.
EVERY day we also give our dogs a NuVet Plus wafer, and Coconut Oil to keep them healthy as well as their coat beautiful. 

 8. Will you sell with full registration?
      Occasionally, we sell a puppy with full registration, but ONLY to breeders that we have gotten to know & trust…..and NEVER to puppy-mill breeders! IF someone is interested in full registration, we will co-own that puppy until 2 years of age, and once I see the PASSING health scores, I will sign over the AKC papers to the puppy owner. 
The majority of our puppies will be sold without full registration.

 9. Is it required that we show our dog?
      No, you don’t HAVE to show your dog. However, if you have purchased a puppy with a great confirmation & temperament, and because the pedigree of Dewbury’s dogs are SO OUTSTANDING & SOUGHT AFTER, we would prefer that you do show your dog. Financial awards of $ 50.00 are given for every championship a dog earns. (Certificate from club must be produced in order for the award to be granted.)

 10. Can I get 2 puppies from the same litter?
      While it might seem attractive to have 2 puppies in the same home, it actually is not something I would recommend.
According to research done by Guide Dogs for the Blind, puppies not separated from their mother & litter-mates, never make as good of a pet as puppies who are separated. They tend to bond more heavily with each other, instead of with their new owner.
Also 2 puppies are A LOT of work, and unless you are VERY experienced at raising puppies, it can be overwhelming.
I recommend that you raise your puppy by itself until it is at least 6 month of age, and only when you are in a position to have the time & energy to give EACH puppy INDIVIDUAL attention to both.

 11. What do you think about Goldendoodles?
      I don’t believe in cross-breeding, and Goldendoodles are EXACTLY that!
As a matter of fact, it is indeed against AKC regulation to cross-breed, and fines can be inflicted upon the kennels that participate in such activity.
Dewbury Dream Goldens will not only not sell a puppy to be mated with a poodle, or other breeds, but will also prosecute those who breed a Dewbury dog to other breeds. (Look at our Puppy Questionnaire for details.)

 12. Aren’t you a little excessive in your contract/puppy questionnaire?
      While some people may see it as excessive requirements, we actually see it as cautious.
Dewbury Dream Goldens, believe that all creatures are a gift from God, and for that reason we must do everything in our power to ensure that our puppies get the best home possible.
Dewbury Dream Goldens have spent an excessive amount on time, money, training, & showing, to create a dog with a great confirmation, health, & temperament, that will hopefully be an asset to your home/kennel, so out of respect to these AMAZING dogs, yes, we are indeed picky with where we place them.

 13. None of this answered my questions
      Feel free to call or email me regarding any other questions you may have.
Dewbury Dream Goldens believe in an “Open Card Policy”, we don’t want to hide anything from you. Open & honest communication is a MUST if you wish to be a part of the Dewbury Family.
There is no such thing as a “Stupid Question”, so fire away! 


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