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"Sir Eddie" Rudebeck's Photograph CGC is another import from the small Kingdom of Denmark. He is a half brother to my other stud, Canto, but they do not look alike at all, as both of them took after their fathers in looks. 

Sir Eddie comes from a PHENOMONAL PEDIGREE, with names such as his father DK.CH.U SE u CH NO CH DKJUCH. NORDV21Drumkilty Rumour Has It, which also took 2nd place in the 2023 European Dog Show!!!, his Grandfather Sh Ch Linirgor Tomich JW, his grandmother Sh Ch Drumkilty Lisdoonvarna, his great grandparents such as: Can Ch Linirgor Spin The Bottle JWUK Sh Ch Linirgor Violets Are Blue JW, Dt.Champ.(VDH) ,Dt.Ch.(DRC und GRC),Sieger Rostock 2015 und 2018 Remington Rigoletto, Dt.Vet.Ch.(VDH,GRC,DRC) Xenia von Schnellenberg, UA/MOL/GE/SRB/EE CH Vanilla Ice del Valle de Pielagos, and Slo Ch Xanthos Bullet Proof JW, SGWC.

So as you can see, Sir Eddie has a REALLY GREAT PEDIGREE behind him, which also have EXCEPTIONAL HEALTH SCORES AS WELL!!

Sir Eddie has been examined by Dr. Cohen, our Radiologist in CA, and OFA scored his preliminary hips to be Good, and his Elbows to be Clear. I also sent his radiographs to England, and BVA gave him the AMAZING hip score as 3/4, which is equal to OFA Excellent/Good (They rate each hip joint separately, unlike OFA, which gives a collective score). He was examined by the wonderful Cardiologist, Dr. Forney, which did an Echocardiogram on him, and gave him the best score of Clear of ALL inherited heart conditions. And our wonderful opthalomigist, Amy in Salt Lake City Cleared his eyes for any inherited eye problems. 

I also ran a FULL GENETIC EMBARK PANEL on Sir Eddie, and he has ZERO genetic problems.....CLEAR ON ALL!!! This means that he can literally be bred with any female, regardless of her genetic status. GOD IS GOOD!!

Sir Eddie's temperament is SOOOOOO wonderful! He is VERY in tune with his surroundings and handler, and he always strives to please. I had back 2 back surgeries and a double foot surgery in year 2023 and was thus in recovery for 7 solid months, and Sir Eddie was SOOOOOO good the whole time!!! He also gets along REALLY GREAT with other dogs and LOVES to snuggle every visitor we have & wants to say hi to all humans he pass on the street. 

Sir Eddie is the youngest Dewbury puppy which earned his Canine Good Citizens Award at the young age of 6 month old!!! 

This Certification testifies of his trainability and brilliant mind, and to top it off, he is also VERY GORGEOUS!! He has the softest light colored fur, with a thick undercoat and a long overcoat. He weighs in at 75 lbs, which is top of the breed standard. 

When Sir Eddie was 5 months old, I drove him to his first Confirmation show in December, 2022 in Ogden, UT, and he took BOB in 2 of the 5 rings. He had thus qualified twice to compete in the  two BIS competitions, however a massive snow storm was settling in over highway I-15 in Cedar City, and I chose to hurry up and leave the competition before I got stuck on I-15 with 2 dogs, and thus forefeiting to compete for the two coveted BIS titles. I was SO bummed about this, however, to jeopardizing our health for a couple of ribbons/titles, is simply not worth the risk! 

At that show Sir Eddie earned his National & International Puppy Titles, which is way good for such a young pup!

Once i am fully recovered from my double foot surgery and able to run again, I will show him again. 

Sir Eddie will add SO MUCH to the American gene pools across the country, as his genes are not yet over saturated in US yet, and his puppies are sure to be bright & beautiful as he is, and with great health. 

Sir Eddie will soon be available to fully health tested bitches, with passing health scores, for live cover, but the bitch must have a brucellosis test/result done prior to the mating taking place. And the bitch must be well mannered and friendly. 

Sir Eddie is also available for shipping Freshly collected semen out, FedEx next day, directly to the bitch's repro vet's office.
He will be collected by a repro vet, and the receiving address must be a repro vet as well. 

Stud Fee is: $ 2500

His pedigree can be viewed on this page:

His health can be viewed on this page: