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In 2018 we unfortunately had to retire our precious "Angel" from our breeding program, as she came down with the dreaded, and often times fatal, uterine infection called, Pyrometra. :( We basically raced against time, twice, in the middle of the night, while we went on a 10 hour round trip to have South Mountain Pet Care abort her litter & emergency spay "Angel", in order to save her life! :(:(:( But hey,“Angel” at least survived!  it's simply just one of those things which can happen to any intact bitches when they ship a heat!
"Angel" was an AMAAAAAAZING momma, & blessed us with 17 puppies from 2 litters, one of which we kept....."Skandi." 

"Skandi" Dewbury's Dream of Majik & Ashbury CGC is now a proven bitch and blesses us with PHENOMENAL puppies, she has had all her clearances done, which she passed, (God is good!)

Her full name is Dewbury's Dream of Majik & Ashbury, and you can see her health & pedigree information on: 

"Skandi" has Good Hips, Clear Elbows, Heart, (Echocardiogram), & Eyes. And she is Icthyosis Clear, as well as PRA 1+2, & NCL Clear......Basically Perfect Health! :) She also has her CHIC Certificate. Skandi earned her Canine Good Citizens Award in May 2020! :)

"Skandi" is just as sweet & quiet as her momma & daddy, and is a WONDERFUL girl to live with!! She has inherited many of both "Angel" & "Connor's" personality traits....Mostly the good ones too!!

We took "Miss Skandi" to an International show in Salt Lake City, where she was shown under 5 judges. During that show she ran off with 3 Best of Show, & 2 Reserve Best in Show titles. Needless to say, we were rather happy with her performance!!

"Skandi" has gone to many Therapy Dog visits with "Pappa Connor", and she LOVES IT, however, due to the high cost of certification + lack of handler, I have not gotten her certified yet, but she certainly would pass with flying colors if I did! 

"Skandi" is kind to everyone she meets, humans, as well as other animals, and I never have to worry about any aggression issues with her. Her favorite thing to do, besides snuggling, is to swim & hike.

One quirky thing about "Skandi" is that when she lays by our feet, she MUST have her paw on top of your foot! Weird huh?? 

Another quirky thing about Miss Skandi is that if you stroke her in front of her ears, she lifts up her upper lip into a snarly look! It's SUPER CUTE!!!!

Skandi's puppies are VERY sweet,  intelligent, and easy to train. AND....She is an OUTSTANDING mother, and since it is a proven fact that good mothering skills are taught from good mothers, we have chosen to keep several of her puppies in our program. 



Skandi (Dewbury's Dream of Majik & Ashbury)