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"Mr. Canto", Rudebeck's I Will Follow Him CGC is another imported boy from the little Kingdom of Denmark. I flew over to Denmark to pick Canto up, and fly him home to Utah. 

One of the reasons why I import my boys, it because it is important to me to to diversify the gene pools, so I avoid inbreeding. It is also important to me that I can fully communicate with the kennel owner in Europe, as to avoid misunderstandings & miscommunications. 

Canto comes from a long line of prestigious European Goldens, and honorable kennels. He has a long line of Champions in his gene pool, such as SE.CH.U DK.CH.U DKJW-17 KBHW-18 Gembaek's Charming Star of Music, CIB CIE FI SE(U) EE LV CH Daily Rays Charming Star JV-10 BALTJV-10 LVJV-11 LVV-12 TLNW-13, 5 x CC, EE CC, 3 x BOB puppy BOB-jun Gillbryan Joseph's Dream, FI CH Terra Antyda Sani New Princess Of Heart, 5*C.C,4*B.O.B, 5*R.CC Eng.Sh.Ch Shardanell Castaspell JW, Dt.Champ.(VDH) ,Dt.Ch.(DRC und GRC),Sieger Rostock 2015 und 2018 Remington Rigoletto, and UA/MOL/GE/SRB/EE CH Vanilla Ice del Valle de Pielagos. Those of you which understands Golden Retriever Genetics, will understand the genetic quality which lies behind Canto.

Canto has gotten his final X-Rays at two years of age, both which proved that he has Good Hips, Normal Elbows. He also have had his Eyes and Heart checked by the Cardiologist and Ophtalmologist, which both are Clear. 

Canto had a Genetic Panel done, and he is Clear on all, except Icthyosis, which he is a Carrier of. 

Canto earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizens) exactly on his first birthday, and we are currently working on the next level....CGCA (Canine Good Citizens Advanced) These titles are behavioral titles, which not only proves that Canto has a good head on his shoulders and a mindful mind, but also that HE IS a VERY GOOD BOY INDEED!!

Canto has been shown under 10 judges in the confirmation ring, once as a 5 month old puppy, and once as a 14 months old dog. ALL of the judges LOVED him very much, and said that he was a VERY promising young boy! Because of where I live, I always have to travel a day each way to go to shows, and thus I don't show him all of the time, as I also have to be there for my other fur-babies. 

But Canto is a National, International, and Honors Puppy Champion, as well as National, & International Dog Champion at this point. 

Canto is a VERY handsome boy, with some golden hues in his luscious coat. His coat is EXACTLY what a Golden Retriever's coat should be, wavy and water repellent.  

He also has an EXTREMELY handsome and masculine face, and a deep black pigment. 

Canto â€‹weighs in around 78 lbs of sheer muscles, and stands approx. 24" tall. He has straight legs & beautifully formed paws, deep set eyes, and a correct shaped ears. There can be NO DOUBT ABOUT that if Canto was a human, he would be in the modeling business!!!

But one of the best things about Canto is his dogonality (Personality).....He is simply SO wonderful!!! He is a cuddly boy, with a natural tendency of wanting to please me....No matter what I ask of him! When we go out to training sessions or hikes, I merely open up the door to my car, then opens up my front door, and says "Load up Canto", and he excitedly jumps into my car and waits for me to close the hatch. He LOVES to go out on adventures!!

Canto does not have any enemies, he is a friend to all humans and animals, and he is OUTSTANDING even with little puppies and babies as well!

He has a very playful side to him and never acts as the Alpha.....As a matter of fact, I think he is the underdog among my dogs. But that does not bother him one bit, he is just happy to be played with and loved on. 

Lately I have noticed that Canto uses his nose a lot, so maybe in the future, we will enroll him in some nose work classes. 

Canto can add SO MUCH to the American gene pools, as his genes are not yet over saturated in USA yet, and his puppies are sure to be sweet & beautiful as he is, and with great health. 

Canto will be available to fully health tested bitches, with passing health scores, for live cover (yes he has tied with a bitch twice!), but the bitch must have a brucellosis test/result done prior to the mating taking place. And the bitch must be well mannered and friendly.

Canto is a proven stud, with 9 puppies as his first litter.

Canto is also available for shipping Freshly collected semen out, FedEx next day, directly to the bitch's repro vet's office.
He will be collected by a repro vet, and the receiving address must be a repro vet as well. 

Stud Fee is: $ 2500

Here are Canto's K9DATA link: