"Ellie" is another ray of sunshine of our little family. Her full name is: Southern Dewbury of the Famous Family, and you can see her health & information on: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=910359

She turned 2 on September 8th, 2019, and we took her to the OFA Specialist in Radiographs, Dr. Cohen in Newport Beach, and had her final scores done. Both her Hips & both Elbows were Clear of any dysplasia....Her Hips were Good & both Elbows Normal, for which we are grateful! Ellie also earned her Canine Good Citizens Award in May of 2020! :)

We have already have "Ellie's" Heart & Eyes certified, and they both came back Clear of everything. 

Ellie is an Icthyosis Carrier, so we will only breed her to a clear stud, as to not carry on that annoying health problem of Icthyosis!!!

She will like any other dog in our program, have her CHIC Certificate as well. 

"Ellie" has taken after her Grand parents, and has an EXCEPTIONAL nose.....She LOOOOOVES to find stuff, and if we had 600 hours of training + ?? amount of money, she could certainly be trained into a Search & Rescue Dog. As a matter of fact, her mother comes from none other than the Hungarian kennel, Erdőskerti, which are known for their hunting dog program! However, we do not have that kind of time on our hands, so for now she is just a WONDERFUL pet which we enjoy having around. 

She has taken after her Momma, and has a super goofy personality (Dogonality?) and she often times makes us laugh.

Thank goodness, "Ellie" has also taken after her Daddy, and it thus also is a SUPER-SNUGGLER who can snuggle for hours after ends, yet also very playful.....Probably the most playful of our dogs.  

She is like a little Canine Model because she is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING with her perfect stop, dark pigment and great conformation. (Had I not broken my foot in 2017 &  again in 2018, I would have shown her, but I'm unfortunately not fully recovered yet.)

"Ellie's" favorite thing is to play "find that ball", which is a game where we hide the ball somewhere, and she sniffs it out. She's quite remarkable at this game!!! 

Ellie is also a natural at alerting for Diabetes, which she helps out with on a regular basis with the family she lives with. She is however not certified to do it yet. 

Miss Ellie has blessed our program with 3 AMAZING litters, and is now retired. 



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