Copyright. Dewbury Dream Goldens. 
All rights reserved.

Copyright. Dewbury Dream Goldens. All rights reserved.

Judges Comments

These are some of the comments that the judges has given Angel:

“Exceptionally Balanced overall dog” (Sue Brown, England)
“Beautiful coat & condition” (Sue Brown, England)
“Lovely balanced feminine head” (Sue Brown, England)
“Moves out with drive” (Sue Brown, England)
“Excellent bread type dog of outstanding quality” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Great feet & bone, excellent movement” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Level & not rolling!” (Ann Hearn, Int & USA)
“Wonderfully forward motion” (Ann Hearn, Int. & USA)
“Beautiful type. Incredible great presence & pigment” (Kathy L. Beliew, USA)
“Well angulated back quarters & well set tail” (Shawn Nichols, Canada)
“Lustrous coat, well kept” (David Brown, USA)
“Muscled chest & well sprung” (David Brown, USA)
“Correct Angulation & muscled front quarters” (David Brown, USA)
“Wide & correct angled back quarters that coordinates well with front” (David Brown, USA)
“Fluid movement, very nice reach & drive” (David Brown, USA)
“Beautiful, balanced, & symmetric overall impression” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Wonderful placement of ears” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Very good depth of chest for age” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)

These are some of the comments that the judges has given Connor:

“Well balanced head & good ear set” (Sue Brown, England)
“Front quarters well angulation, & back quarters has good rear angulation” (Sue Brown, England)
“Excellent well balanced head with a good stop” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Good temperament & strong mover” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Coat is clean & lustrous” (David Brown, USA)
“Tight & good scissor bite, and clean”) (David Brown, USA)
“Front quarters correctly angulated, & back quarters coordinates well with front” (David Brown)
“Covers ground effortlessly” (Juliann Bitter, Int. & USA)
“Proper coat texture & condition” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Proper masculine shaped head” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Very good depth for chest” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Handsome good & balanced head with correct set ears” (Robin Hug, Int. & USA)
“Promising masculine youngster” (Robin Hug, Int. & USA)
“Lovely Expression & soft eyes” (Tempest Deptuch, Canada)
“Broad head with correct stop” (Jean Pero, Int. & USA)
“Movement is free & smooth” (Jean Pero,
“Good balance, & nice outline” (Lani McKennon, USA)
“Nice example of Breed” (Janet Fink, USA)