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In 2018 we unfortunately had to retire our precious "Angel" from our breeding program, as she came down with the dreaded uterine infection called, Pyrometra. :( We basically raced against time, in the middle of the night, while we drove 5 hours to have South Mountain Pet Care abort her litter & emergency spay "Angel", in order to save her life! :(:(:( But hey,“Angel” at least survived!

"Angel" was an AMAAAAAAZING momma, & blessed us with 17 puppies, one of which we kept....."Skandi." 

"Skandi" is now our "Blooming star" and just had all her clearences done, which she passed, (Thank You God!) And we will breed her in the fall of 2019. 

"Skandi" has Good Hips, Clear Elbows, Heart, & Eyes. And she is Icthyosis Clear, as well as PRA 1+2, & NCL Clear......Basically Perfect Health! :) She also has her CHIC Certificate. 

"Skandi" is just as sweet & quiet as her momma & daddy, and is a WONDERFUL girl to live with!! She has inherited many of both "Angel" & "Connor's" personality traits....Mostly the good ones too!!

We took "Miss Skandi" to an International show in Salt Lake City, where she was shown under 5 judges. During that show she ran off with 2 Best of Show, & 3 Reserve Best in Show titles. Needless to say, we were rather happy with her performance!!

"Skandi" has gone to many Therapy Dog visits with "Pappa Connor", and she LOVES IT, however, due to the high cost of certification + lack of handler, I have not gotten her certified yet, but she certainly would pass with flying colors if I did! 

"Skandi" is kind to everyone she meets, humans, as well as other animals, and I never have to worry about any aggression issues with her. Her favorite thing to do, besides snuggling, is to swim & hike.

One corky thing about "Skandi" is that when she lays by our feet, she MUST have her paw on top of your foot! Weird huh??

This was our Write up on "Skandi's Mom, "Angel"....

"Moonlit Acres First Fancy Dewbury, International & National Puppy & Adult Champion is also a very fancy girl with a superb European pedigree! (Silky Thunder Storm & Ashbury glamour Girl)

I like to say she’s every dog owner’s dream…..She SUPER quiet and ULTRA smart with a lovely conformation & coat. As a matter of fact, she’s so well put together, that she earned her first International & National title when she was only 4 month old, as she got perfect scores from all 5 judges!!! AND she even earned a BOB (Best of Breed) as well! :D

When she was 5 month old, she was shown to 4 more judges who again gave her top scores, which resulted in her achieving getting her National & International Junior Puppy Championships. All the judges complimented me on her structure, coat, pigment, movement & temperament, and one of them told me that it would be a shame to keep this girl from the show rings, and made me promise her to keep showing her!

In the summer of 2015 at the annual Golden Retriever Specialty in the Purina Farm, MO, Angel earned her highest degree yet….She won 2 x RBIS (Reserve Best in Show) in both Judge Sue Brown & Rosemary Easton’s rings!!! WHAT AN HONOR THAT WAS…and for a 20 month old pup???!!!

Angel’s temperament is insanely good! She has never shown any form of aggression towards humans, children or other dogs….even when they bark, attack or hurt her. She just quietly puts up with it, or simply just walks/runs away. No barking, no biting, no chewing. :D

Her pedigree is also VERY impressive. She comes from a long line of Champions and her Mother is imported from the famous “Ashbury Kennel” in France. (That is where her SUPER FEMININE HEAD comes from!) Her ancestors are from respectable European kennels such as; Ashbury, Dewmist, Paudell, Errinderry, & Xanthos, just to mention a few.

Her Grandfather is none other than, “Hector”, Marybel Star Stream Tan, is an International champion with many honorable champion titles, such as BIS, CAC, CACIB, BIG, R.CAC, Excellent.

Her Great-Grandfather is the highly esteemed WW ‘0911, EW’07’08, JEW’05, International Champion, Multi Champion, “Storm”, Dewmist Silk Screen, Working test, Middle European Winner 2006 & who won BIS Junior, CACIB, BOB, BIS, ITA Club Winner, BOD

Her other Great-Grandfather is equally as impressive. He is: Int. Ch, Int. Sh. Ch, Cux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-s-Fr.Ch “Elliot” Ashbury Angel Heart Tan Suisse. Who has won BIS Puppy, CAC, BOB, BIS, BOS, CACIB, R.CACIB.

I could go on and on about her, but will let you check her out & see for yourself how impressive her pedigree indeed is.

“Angel” is out of the respectable kennel, Moonlit Acres which is owned by Dana Logan. I flew to Vancouver, Washington to pick her up and she has truly changed my life. I never knew a puppy could be that perfect!!! If all puppies were as perfect as “Angel”, I would have 20 dogs!!! (Ha! I never would, as I’m VERY opposed to Puppy-Mills!!!)

Everywhere I go with this girl, she attracts attention. Partly because she is such a sweetheart, but certainly also because her coat is simply EXQUISITE!!! It is SO soft that people just MUST touch her.  “Angel” is a VERY quick learner and is also very courageous. She is SUPER easy & outgoing and she LOOOOOOVES children. She loves to hike & swim, and always stays pretty close as to not get lost from me. She loves to play tug-a-war & chase after a ball.

“Angel” is within Breed Standard Size, currently weighing in at 60 lbs. but is not yet fully grown. Her hips are Good, her elbows Normal, her heart is Clear, her eyes are Clear, and she is Ichthyosis carrier & Pra 1 + 2 FREE. She has her CHIC Certificate! :D

She makes some ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE puppies with THE PERFECT temperament, GREAT looks & SUPER smart!