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From Jacob: "Thank you for your wonderful gift of my amazing guide dog, Jake. He has given me my life back. I can now once again enjoy the independence, freedom and joy of traveling with a guide dog by my side. And what an excellent guide dog he is! Every time, Jake and I cross a busy street or maneuver around obstacles, I will thank each of your and your great kindness and generosity. I promise you that I'm going to make jake feel like the luckiest dog in the world!!

From Dave: "Nacho is the best thing that's happened to me in the last few years!

From Heidi, a Service Dog Trainer: "You and the phenomenal work you do raising healthy, well-balanced puppies is a rainbow in this world. 

From Kristina: "Gosh this little guy was worth every penny and then some! You are amazing at what you do with these pups. I still can't get over what a sweet boy he is!! Thank you for picking the perfect pup for our family. 

From Briann: "We are SO grateful to you!!! I still can't watch my daughters reaction to us telling her we were getting a dog without crying! You have given us an INCREDIBLE dog wiich has made my kids so very happy!

From April: "All the work you put into these little ones really shows. You definitely set up our guy for success, he's an all star traveler, absolutely fearless, and he LOOOOOOOOVES all the people. You're AMAZING!!

From Sue: "Your gave us the MOST WONDERFUL pet. Thandi is doing so well as a therapy dog for people with asperger's and autism. She is so sweet, gentle and loving. She has helped so many people. Recently helped a young man in our neighborhood suffering from awful depression. Mom asked if he could walk her and spend time with her in our backyard. WOW!! What a difference Thandi has made in so many lives!!

From Danette: "Kingston is seriously THE BEST dog ever!!!!!

From Kelly: "I loved meeting Britta & her wonderful goldens. They are very well behaved and gorgeous!! Kiko has been a dream since he's blessed my home, and Mochi, my 4 year old loves him. Britta couldn't have picked out a better puppy for my family. 

From Terri: "Thank you, thank you for taking the pups for car rides so many times. Cuesta is an amazing traveler. She has never once gotten car sick and is calm and peaceful in the car. She basically sleeps the entire time! I attribute this to your diligence when the pups were with you.