Nessa (Dewbury's Miracle From God)

Mr. Gunny

Miss Nessa is our youngest girl in our home. Her full name is "Dewbury's Gift From God", and she is truly that....A Gift from God.
She came about in a very God Inspired way......I had just lost my beloved Angel to pyometra, and was very stressed out because I had to abort an expensive litter, and had a HUGE vet bill to pay, and no income to pay for it all, and at least a year+ before I could breed Skandi & Ellie. 

My friend Debbie McCollough whom had bred her wonderful bitch, Glory to my stud, Connor and they had 6 miracle puppies. (A story for a later date) Debbie informed me that she had been instructed by God (She is a retired Nun) to contact me and tell me that Nessa was to be my dog!!! I was completely shocked and certainly not prepared for a puppy at that time, so I objected. But Debbie said to me "I know you are a Christian woman whom trust in God......Do you doubt in God's instruction???" Well how do you argue that one??? So.....I shed some more tears, ordered a plane ticket to Arkansas and flew out to pick up Miss. Nessa. I will be forever grateful to Debbie for her generosity & kindness, and for entrusting me with this AMAZING girl!!!

I immediately realized that Nessa was indeed a chip off the old block.....and thus a phenomenal Therapy Dog Prospect. (Both Connor & Glory (Nessa's Mom) are both Certified Therapy Dogs) So I started taking her with Connor to his Thearpy Dog assignments in St. George, and she LOVED every minute of it!! Of course she was a smashing hit with all of the Students in the Universities as well as the residents of the Rest Homes, where she just patiently sat and let everyone love on her. Since then she has been on various assignments.

Nessa is VERY sweet & loving! She has GREAT eye contact with people and has an EXCEPTIONALLY bidding personality. She is fearless & confident and loves to go with me everywhere, and I am happy to do so. 

She also has a fun side to her which often makes us laugh often, yet she is SOOOOO affectionate & cuddly as well. Nessa is ALWAYS checked in with us and she is indeed a joy in our lives!

Nessa is on the taller side, with an outstanding topline, and she weighs approx. 60 lbs. 

Her pedigree is flawless, with MANY champions in it + GREAT health in her lines as well.

Nessa was blessed with passing health scores at 2 years of age, and even got EXCELLENT HIPS!!! (God is good!!) She now has ALL of her passing health scores and a CHIP Certificate as well.

Nessa has EXCELLENT Hips, Normal Elbows, Good Heart & Eyes, and is Clear on all genetics, except of Ict. which she's a carrier of. 

Nessa earned her Canine Good Citizens Award in May, 2020. 

Nessa's puppies are VERY mellow & sweet, and SMART & GORGEOUS to boot!!!

In the spring of 2023 we will breed Miss. Nessa to the French boy, Mr. Gunny, and we will be looking for Guardian Home Families for a couple of females within 5 hours drive of St. George, UT. (Ask me about my Guardian Home Progeam, where you basically will end up with a free dog!!)‚Äč

Mr. Gunny comes from France and his name is Celtic-Cembro Du Pin Aux Cinq Alguilles and he too is a confirmation champion. We have had a litter from Gunny earlier, and he makes WONDERFUL babies!  His information  can he seen here:

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