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These are some of the comments that the judges has given Connor:

“Well balanced head & good ear set” (Sue Brown, England)
“Front quarters well angulation, & back quarters has good rear angulation” (Sue Brown, England)
“Excellent well balanced head with a good stop” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Good temperament & strong mover” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Coat is clean & lustrous” (David Brown, USA)
“Tight & good scissor bite, and clean”) (David Brown, USA)
“Front quarters correctly angulated, & back quarters coordinates well with front” (David Brown)
“Covers ground effortlessly” (Juliann Bitter, Int. & USA)
“Proper coat texture & condition” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Proper masculine shaped head” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Very good depth for chest” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Handsome good & balanced head with correct set ears” (Robin Hug, Int. & USA)
“Promising masculine youngster” (Robin Hug, Int. & USA)
“Lovely Expression & soft eyes” (Tempest Deptuch, Canada)
“Broad head with correct stop” (Jean Pero, Int. & USA)
“Movement is free & smooth” (Jean Pero,
“Good balance, & nice outline” (Lani McKennon, USA)
“Nice example of Breed” (Janet Fink, USA)

Copyright. Dewbury Dream Goldens. All rights reserved.

Judges Comments

These are some of the comments that the judges has given Angel:

“Exceptionally Balanced overall dog” (Sue Brown, England)
“Beautiful coat & condition” (Sue Brown, England)
“Lovely balanced feminine head” (Sue Brown, England)
“Moves out with drive” (Sue Brown, England)
“Excellent bread type dog of outstanding quality” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Great feet & bone, excellent movement” (Rosemary Easton, Australia)
“Level & not rolling!” (Ann Hearn, Int & USA)
“Wonderfully forward motion” (Ann Hearn, Int. & USA)
“Beautiful type. Incredible great presence & pigment” (Kathy L. Beliew, USA)
“Well angulated back quarters & well set tail” (Shawn Nichols, Canada)
“Lustrous coat, well kept” (David Brown, USA)
“Muscled chest & well sprung” (David Brown, USA)
“Correct Angulation & muscled front quarters” (David Brown, USA)
“Wide & correct angled back quarters that coordinates well with front” (David Brown, USA)
“Fluid movement, very nice reach & drive” (David Brown, USA)
“Beautiful, balanced, & symmetric overall impression” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Wonderful placement of ears” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)
“Very good depth of chest for age” (Steve Keating, Int. & USA)